Pearl PFA-201ESU Alto Flute

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Pearl PFA-201ESU Alto Flute

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Straight & Curved Headjoints Split E Silver Platted with .925 Silver Lipplate & Riser

The Pearl Alto flutes are convincing in their exact intonation, wide dynamic spectrum and tonal flexibility. The ergonomic hand position is extremely comfortable. Our world renowned patented Pinless Mechanism and One-Piece Core-Bar construction ensure reliability and stability.

The 201-series Alto flute is made of nickel silver with a .925 sterling silver lip-plate and riser. All Pearl Alto flutes are silver plated, giving the flute its shine and at the same time protecting the material from corrosion. The sterling silver enables a light response and provides a precise articulation. All Alto flutes are provided with French pointed arms as well, both increasing the stability and enhancing the quality of the mechanism.

All Alto flutes in the 201-series are available in the following models: with a straight headjoint for a balanced feel (S), with a curved headjoint for more comfort in playing (U), or with two headjoints (SU) for ensembles, orchestras and music schools. These models are also available without E-mechanism on request.


- The Pinless Mechanism ensures the stable connection of the mechanism and prevents it from corrosion.
- The One-Piece Core-Bar construction results in more playing comfort and less wear of the mechanism.
- The Alto flute has an optional split E-mechanism that allows for secure attacks and smooth slurs to the third octave E.
- The ergonomic key design allows easy movement and comfortable playing.
- Pointed arms both increase the stability and enhance the quality of the mechanism.
- The head joint of the 201-series Alto flute is expressive and has comfortable resistance. The lip-plate and riser are made of .925 sterling silver.