Haynes Custom Handmade Flute 10K/Ag


Haynes Custom Handmade Flute 10K/Ag

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  • Completely Handmade
  • Solid 10K Gold Headjoint and Body
  • Solid Silver soldered tone holes and lightweight mechanism
  • Haynes Pinless Mechanism
  • Straubinger Pads
  • Gold Springs
  • B foot
  • C# Trill Key
  • French arm keys
  • Split E
  • Offset G
  • Open holes
Each Haynes flute comes with a hard case, soft carry cover, cleaning rod, inside cleaning cloth and outside cleaning cloth.
WARRANTY, CHECKUPS and ADJUSTMENTS: All Haynes Amadeus flutes come with a warranty that covers them against defects in materials or craftsmanship for 5 years for the original purchaser. Additionally, for the first 12 months, Neige Music Atelier will look after your new flute with free checkups and adjustments so you can have peace of mind that your new instrument will always be playing at its best.
And this is one more thing that makes us unique and differentiates us from other shops in New Zealand.

To give our customers the best experience with their new instrument, we have created a Premium Pre-sale Instrument Set-up for all brand-new woodwind musical instruments, evaluated in more than $250, free for all instrument purchases.

Our repair specialist Edison developed this set up which he spends 2 hours  improving a brand-new musical instrument’s feels and playability to its absolute best. It will make it much more responsive, extremely smooth and silent, improving notes dynamic and pad sealing.

Every brand-new instrument at Neige Music Atelier is meticulously checked, adjusted, and tested by our expert repair specialist before leaving the store.